Saturday, November 22, 2014

Real life friend, good food, hunger games,and fleetwood mac

Today I ran into an old friend of mine from Buffalo, New York. It was good to see him here in the great city of Portland, Oregon. I invited him home for dinner with my family and then ended up going to see the movie hunger games. My friend who is now a roady for fleetwood mac was also suddenly able to get me and my family tickets for fleetwood mac. So alot can happen when you get up out of your bed and head out to the grocery store right?

Dinner was good. I gave him a tour of the house and ended up jamming a littl on the guitar together. We played in our first band together a long time ago. It was good to play old songs that neither of us could remember how to play completely. After that we played some PS3. He had interest in the game journey which is a very interesting art game by "that game company". It features beautiful landscapes on an alien world where the character takes on a spiritual journey to join his people in the stars at the top of a mountain. All in all I would like to say that the game is a beautiful design, amazing graphical display's, and provides a impressive sound that really brings the game to life.

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