Saturday, November 15, 2014

An eventful journey

So today as actually much more eventful then I thought it would be. At first I found myself logging into the snowy zone of Everfrost peaks. I sat down and was immediately attacked by an orc pawn. Something that never ceases to amaze me that even after 15 years of eq playing they still attack me.

/who all friends

I didn't see anyone and wasn't surprised after a few moments I received a tell from a guildy that I considered a very good friend. I was amazed he wasn't on the friend's list but then I remembered that friending guildy's is usually something I did before I left a guild.

Kendawen a wood elf warrior has been playing since the beginning. When I was a level 15 ranger running back for spells in kelethin he was always their at the end of the day near the bank in the tree city. WOW I would think. Not only is he max level but he is a woodelf warrior. That is pretty bold. For those that don't remember most warriors back in the day were ogre's because they were the only race that couldn't be stunned from the front. Later they added aa's to fix this but being a woodelf warrior meant you were exceptionally bad ass.

After I received a tell from him I used the veteran ability to travel to the guild lobby. I took a screen shot of us since he was logging off.

Yup he is still pretty damn bad ass looking.

After I got down speaking with Ken I decided to go on a nostalgic trip over to the bothunder. I spent the majority of my eq career in this zone and can say that to this day it is still one of my favorites beside's crushbone.

At first i had no idea where the potraquility stone was anymore so it took me a moment. But once in potranquility finding the bothunder is unforgettable.

I remember the feeling of going to the bothunder. How it provides smiles and a sense of danger at the same time knowing you are going to go fight with friends. This time I was thinking I wonder if I can solo agnaar.
Thinking about how hard the statue's use to hit for I was amused by the old fear of someone touching the lightening dildo. I decided not to take a picture because children might be reading this at some point.
After getting to agnaar I found the answer after finding myself back at my bind spot I was reminded of my favorite everquest joke.

What did the ranger say to he other ranger?
Idk what?
You bound here to?

I decided if killing agnaar was going to happen I would need to get use to playing again first. Just pressing kick and casting spells wasn't going to cut it. I'd need my aa abilities sorted out.

/who all friends

At this moment I found an even older name. A name of someone I actually spent my days in crushbone with. None other then the enchantress Blush. She had recently came back as well it was an amazing thing to be in our old stomping grounds again.

It was a good first day back. Much more happened then I thought. Just goes to show the magic of online gaming and the reach of friendship.

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