Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Whuzza Crew


Today I am posting my first blog in the hopes of not only finding my past friends in the game of Everquest, but to possibly create a place for others to find their old friends as well. I searched a great deal and I found nothing like this. A place to look for your old comrades that helped you with their time and personal effort to accomplish the impossible.

The names I think about as I drive to work or when I need a smile on my face can be summed up to "The Whuzza Crew".


This guy was the balls and the back bone and the founder of the whuzza crew in my mind. We were all players on the same server but Ajaxz gave us a name and the purpose of helping each other under the whuzza channel that still to this day rests.When I think of him he is still grinding for ac augs somewhere in Natimbi.


One of the best clerics the game of Everquest had to offer. He was reliable and always willing to help. He kept us alive and pulled it off when it seemed impossible. When I think of him it is always in either in the basin of thunder completely surrounded by trains of giants. Being summoned through the walls every which way watching your life drop and seeing a little dwarf arrive in time to land the heal.


This was the damage powerhouse of the group. He would drag our bodies over miles of uncertain terrain back before it was a good idea. His personal quest to be the top dps always took him into more dangerous dungeons. When I think of him it was of finally getting his 1.5 epic dagger, or in the late night hours where we would talk about the game and real life alike.


This rarity was a marriage of two wonderful players. They were with me from the very beginning in the first guild I ever joined/created "Mystic Legions". While over the years rarobok played more it was always good to see the two. I still think of them in the newbie zones.


This was one of the most friendly people I ever met in the game. A master slower and artisan of the game. He put in the time and we often received the rewards of this benefit. Whenever I think of Kenji it was his last day on the server when he decided to transfer so he could join one of the most powerful guilds in the game.


Over the years I found it odd how many times I ran into her. At first it was as a low level character constantly needing help from someone higher just trying to get stronger in the game. Later I met her on other characters she had created that I didn't know about. No one in the game ever held a place closer to my heart. Normally in fairy-tales you think of prince charming saving the fair princess. But in Everquest where everyone was equal by sex. And the defining characteristic of strength was nothing more then the time people put in. Because of that I will always remember her saving me time and time again from my own rashness and lack of caution. My hero Ibeeza.

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