Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Luck of the draw

Well I have never been the best at anything. Never the top of the class because I'm lazy in my studies. Never the best at sports because that is just to much effort. I could always dabble in just about anything. I liked drawing as a kid. I play guitar and love to sing for family and friends. However once again there are people that are better because to me I could never find that dedication. However unlike a great deal of people there is one thing I have going for me that most do not. I might be one of the most lucky people alive. I say that because unlike the common known aspects of like for example "murphy's law" I am an exempt party. Not only will anything left to go wrong not happen, but in fact I will be left with positive gain.

One example of this was when I was seventeen years old. Me and some friends were out drinking in the park. Nothing really to bad just for the most part being teenagers and having fun. A cop pulls up and I think yup I'm totally fucked.

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