Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Back in Action

So I have been a very busy bee lately trying to set up the new website. I also ended up helping a friend with an idea of his called tradesayer.com. Essentially its a informational stock trading blog. He has some products on there that he sells for affiliate cash. This has actually something I have been thinking about doing however I am not really sure what I would make money with. So I figured I would ask you guys what you are interested in. As of now I am getting on average 550 hits a day. So I am assuming there are a good amount of you buying stuff. Whether it is world of Warcraft or ever quest memberships I could find a way to get a discount going. Just need to know what would best suite my peeps! So if you have any ideas feel free to email me at whoallfriends@gmail.com and we will start putting up whatever you guys vote for.


Monday, January 5, 2015

The Laning Pudge

The laning pudge has become a recent popular trend. So I decided to talk about this giving the beginner some information to help them understand the plz do an don'ts of this play style. The first thing you need to remember is that this has a lot to do with who you are laning partner is playing. Before I get into that I will discuss a few builds to think about when deciding who your laning partner will be.

Now the three best builds for this set up can be broken down to durability, movement speed slows, and surprise. If you are going for durability obviously the scepter and heart are your main items. Your laning partner has high damage and movement speed slows. This means you are in it for the long hall. Playing safe dictates your movements. The longer it takes to get to the items the worse off you will be. If you are going for movement speed slows. That means that your laning partner most likely has a heal or some form of ability that increases your survivability. You can be more ballsy and should exact pain based on the amount of mana your laning partner has. If you are focusing on damage then you are building items to up your movespeed and hit damage potential. Your ideal laning partner has primarily stuns and disables.

Now we will talk about game play. You are the notorious fat ninja and I don't mean santa clause. Don't worry about putting your stats in flesh heap. Land hooks by attacking from the forest but don't do it if your partner can't get their in time to do damage as well. Playing pudge is balance of understanding the position of your team mates and your enemy. If you hook someone and your friends can't get to you in time to do damage as well your just wasting mana. If you hook them and the enemy can get there before your friends then you might be just feeding. Remember that hooking your friends can be helpful too when someone comes after you. You can bring them to the fight just as easy.

Last of all pudge is a little bit more advanced character. Make sure you practice your hooks a great deal with bots before you step into the ring. There is nothing more depressing then a pudge in a ranked match that can't do his job. Which is get kills. If pudge doesn't get the kills he is almost no use to the team.