Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Path of Exile Flickerstrike build

So I was just messing around with my shadow character. He is essentially a crit build character with energysheild/chaos innoculation/duel weilding/sword specialized character. I chose swords because I wanted to utalize a specific unique. It is the ephemeral edge dusk blade. Dueling weilding them roughly gives you 80% more energy sheild. Since they are a level 30s unique it does involve alot of crit/physical damage nodes to make it a doable build. However at level 32 I am packing 800energy sheild and that is with taking the lose from grabing acrobatics which is 50% less armor and energy sheild in exchange for 40% physical dodge and 30% spell dodge. I really like the build so far.

As far as my main attack I utalize bloodrage witch gives me extra a frenzy for every kill. This is required for my build because it makes it to where I can use flicker strike indefnitatly. The linking on flickerstrike is meleesplash, multistrike, and culling blade. The thing that makes this such an awesome build is that there is a time delay that a monster has to choose to attack you. So basically you teleport all over the place slaying monsters and the game can't keep up with you to strike you at all. Even on bosses you teleport all around it. Now that doesn't mean you can't teleport into Vaal's larger strikes so you still need to be careful here. However what is specifically awesome with this is dropping down seering bonds and teleporting all over the links follow you keep doing the damage which owns.

Here is the plan for my entire build thanks for reading.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Path of Exile

Templar- Pure energy tank

So after playing around with builds I designed this monster. Basically I have decided that all out tank build is the best possable chance for survival. I have successfully gotten every sheild passive on this tree except for a few that are inside of the duelist part of the skill tree. Its dps is almost complete trash except for when you add in the thousand needles,retaliation,vengence, both with life leach and mana leach. I am building for mana regen, max mana, and of course energysheild. I use mind over matter which really makes the build that much tankier for the heavy hitting bosses. I can afk kill dominus on merc. However some rares that have regen, regen aura, and extra life you will just not have the dps to kill them and they wont have the dps to  kill you. I declare this game beaten.