Thursday, February 5, 2015

Path of Exile

Templar- Pure energy tank

So after playing around with builds I designed this monster. Basically I have decided that all out tank build is the best possable chance for survival. I have successfully gotten every sheild passive on this tree except for a few that are inside of the duelist part of the skill tree. Its dps is almost complete trash except for when you add in the thousand needles,retaliation,vengence, both with life leach and mana leach. I am building for mana regen, max mana, and of course energysheild. I use mind over matter which really makes the build that much tankier for the heavy hitting bosses. I can afk kill dominus on merc. However some rares that have regen, regen aura, and extra life you will just not have the dps to kill them and they wont have the dps to  kill you. I declare this game beaten.


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