Monday, November 24, 2014

A trip down memory lane

In the beginning because i was actually a little jumpy and a child around the age of 12 I was the trader of the family primarily in fact. My father and mother were divorced and had been for a long time. I would go back in fourth between my dad's and mom's house quite often. It was nice to play because I could always hang out with the other parent on the game when I was away.At my dad's I would play on their house account that I got them started on. That included myself my dad and both of my step brothers. When at my mom's I would play on her account which was just me and her.

I have a lot of memories in everquest and most of them have something to do with the east commons tunnel. On the innoruuk server it was the place to hang out and trade before the shadow's of luclin expansion came out. I would sit there and trade primarily probably more then I would actually fight at the time. The main character I would trade on was a warrior named lauril. Level 30 was the highest he ever got. However during the time I had full crafted armor a flowing black silk sash and very nice weapons for the time. When ruins of kunark came out I quickly traded for a wurmslayer something that most warriors drooled over that were many levels ahead of me. I also had my polished granite tomahawk (pgt) to. It was a bit of a risk but I loved using the tomahawk in duels. People would duel wield lamentation blades. I would use a pgt and a wurmslayer. They would always get me down quicker but when i got to berserker frenzy I would start landing the massive crippling blows that would quickly end the fight.

That was life in norrath. Then when the expansion for luclin came out. People stopped going to the tunnel. I stayed I didnt like the bazaar. It was filled with people that were afk for the night with their trader up. Bartering was still possible but it was a pain in the ass. You had to find them when they were on and keep track of the items you wanted of who. To me this was when the world went dark. Sure people still fought and grinded levels together. They raided together. But the times of hanging out and watching text go by way faster then you could hope to read was over. I stopped playing for awhile and started playing Diablo at the time. It really didn't fill the void so I came back to the game to see what was going on now.

Later on they came out with the planes of power. This was really an amazing  and bad ass time. It was alot like a rival to me. Because the plane of knowledge became the old east commons tunnel. People would talk and chat and buff each other for donations. Trading was still in the bazaar but you could do it in pok just as much. People gave things away alot more to the lower characters as well. It was a time where you could say their were alot of middle levels and people at the highest levels still had alot of aa's to work with so they were like new characters compared to the elite.

I never really had much interest in the legacy of ykesha other then the buffs that were added to help out lower leveling. I spent most of my time in planes of power all the way until the omens of war came out. Gates was a bit to much for me because I hadn't made it near a max level yet but was still farming aa's just because I didn't think I would survive later very well if I didn't. So I chose to grind in the bothunder. However every once in awhile I would find myself on some trip to a dangerous part to take part in a raid or two. I was lucky to get some pretty good drops as well in qvic. Omens a war really was a fun time for me as well. I lived in the proving grounds or a long time. Grinding and grinding trying to put together a group to do trials.

This is when i raided the heaviest and got myself decked out in anguish gear with the legacy of steel. A nameless guild that I was introduced to when the servers merged. I spent a long time getting my 1.5 and later my 2.0. Legacy of steel took me into the dragons of norrath but I never did get that dragon slayer I wanted off of vish. Later we went to the theater of blood and grinded through the depts of darkhallow. The content was really cool but it really didnt have the magic like the old days of eq. Mostly because the old days you were lucky if you could even see in the dark. At this point truesight items were pretty standard and handed out on almost any quest helm. At this time I would often think about doing raids in kedge keep with no enduring breath items. Just relying on a friendly shaman to keep me alive. Or even better handing an enduring breath item back and fourth between a group of people. Or worse thinking about some snake that once took the groups enduring breath item and gated out leaving everyone else to die. The corpse run was murder....

That guys name was Slaten and I still get that angry feeling when I think about it even though he was probably just a kid. I died the most going in to get corpses because I was the highest level and knew I could drag the longest. In the end there was alot of rezzing but it was a week long stop from normal everquest.

The serpents spine was really the last of everquest that felt anything like the old days to me. Find yourself in the steppes or icefall seeing the familiar word train to zone was always a nice blast from the past. In a previous post I talked about kiting the zone which people would often consider a train and more powerful characters would try and tank the few bears they saw that were actually more like 50. It wasn't the time to apologize considering im still working and kiting them all down but I would always try to after they were dead.

Before I left this last time I sat in ashengate and watched the items from a raid and realized that my 2.0 would be getting replaced by these items. I thought to myself yep and other one bites the dust. I didn't want to give it up though so instead I just logged off and that was it until recently.

I played wow for awhile. I played eve for awhile. I still play another game called dota but it isnt the same. Its nothing like the magic of that other world at the end of a dial up connection. The original norrath. Before the game went dark.

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