Friday, November 28, 2014


So yesterday I logged in and found that in the same guild an old friend of mine was on. Who was it? Non other then the classic Saave. Now saave is one of the more unique individual's I have met in my gaming travels. Saave is the only person in everquest that I know to use the smiley face like this (:^)) which has always reminded me of a snow man smiley face. This to me is quite iconic and is something that only reminds me of talking with Saave. I really have never seen it anywhere else.

Saave is a good friend and always willing to help. She looked at my gear and decided that an upgrade was most certainly in order. So we went the grounds. I had never been here and really had only a moderate feel for playing. I was impressed to see her slaying beasts with an almost 100k nuke. This told me that wizards must be hitting for 500k because clerics were always considered one of the worst nukers in the game.
  As any experienced player in eq knows. The first thing to do when you start is to always buff up. I was impressed to see that the latest cleric buffs were nothing to go without considering it included almost a 10k more hit points. After being chased by a train of undead and random monsters because I forgot to cast invis on myself. We made it to grounds.
  I took a moment to try and tank something because I wanted to see how week I am if I were to try and fight solo. Turns out hat they would be completely out of my ability considering they hit for the same as my max heal. That is always a good sign you won't make it very far. The monsters really reminded me of being a newb again to. Mostly wasps and snakes.
 I even tried to use a mercenary to help out. However the poor guy died over and over and over.
 Watching a cleric fight has always been interesting. They just need to make sure they have enough hitpoints to survive the encounter and heal themselves over and over. Killing a cleric is one of the hardest things to do in the game if you can't one shot them.

When running into a toad they were spawned in the classic mounting look. It is where one monster spawns on the other making it look like they are mating. I didn't capture it here but it was still worth mentioning.

Alas all good things come to an end. After a bit of a lag spite we ended up dead and Saave had to go. It was good to see an old friend as the quest continues!

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