Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lets take a moment and think World of Warcraft

While I have spent most of my time so far looking for everquest friend's I would like to take a moment and bring a shout out to world of warcraft friends. While everquest was my first mmorpg I can still take some time and think about wow right?

The problem with wow though is that it was a competition type game to begin with. Unlike everquest where you really needed someone to be able to get somewhere, wow you could essentially solo from start to finish if you really wanted. Also the dungeon generators that just throw you into a dungeon of your choice set you up to hang out with different people every time.

So how is it that you make friends in wow? The answer is trading! Most of the people I made friends with in the game were people that were willing to make me a deal on materials for trading. It was always good to sit and chat about life and other games as you sat there trying to make a few gold.

So here are a few wow characters i'd love to find again.

Coffeeholic- this guy was a madman. If he wasn't running around dueling random people he was giving everything he found in his travels to new characters.

Paladinjohn-this guy was also a newb lover. He would run dungeon after dungeon killing the entire zone so the new characters could get equipment and materials for crafting.

Now with that said the quest to find mmo friends continues!


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