Thursday, November 20, 2014

Seeing if I still got it, ranger style

So this Wed. night on the eq nameless server  I didn't really see any old faces. I found one tag as old as my own however it appeared to be run by an Asian farm bot team. Kinda sad to see because he was one of the great ones.

I looked at my equipment and decided I would go on a hunt. I hadn't fought in eq in ages and decided the best thing to do would be to get a feel for my solo game. I traveled over to Icefall which was my favorite place to solo ages ago and found myself a swarm of polar bears. Now not a lot of people do this but when I get a swarm i get every bear in the zone.

After spamming my trusty Hail of arrows with a mixture of new/old spells and disc's. I was able to kill 52 of them in a half hour when I suddenly lagged and well.....

Yep back to bind. So I can say I am a little rusty but I feel pretty good about it. I still got it. So quarter of a level in and feeling good.

/who all friends

Checked again to see if there was anyone new on but sadly the quest continues.

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