Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dota2: How to Razor


Razor is an agility hero and a great anti carry and probably the best carry for an AOE/ Teamfight style strategy. He can be powerful with limited items and isn't a bad character to play as a beginner. His ability to steal attack power mixed with his run speed passive makes him a force their is no escaping.


Razor's first ability Plasma field is a great area effect team fight ability. A ring pumps out with Razor in the center. It damages the enemies when it opens and when it comes back. The most damage is done to characters that are the farthest  from Razor. This ability is great for getting early kills and for catching characters just outside of your attack range.

Razor's second ability static link is probably his strongest ability. It allows him to steal attack power from the enemy hero he is linked with. The longer he is linked the more attack power that is taken. This allows him to be ideal for taking out high damage carries like drow, faceless void, or phantom assassin.

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