Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dota2: How to Viper


Viper is an all purpose killing machine. There really isn't a good counter for viper other then stun locks which can pretty much kill any hero in the game. You are poisoned when you hit him. You are poisoned when he shoots you. You are poisoned poisoned poisoned. His attack modifier and ult both slow the enemy to a slow crawl so survival is generally not possible. With his high damage and limited action abilities. Viper is probably one of the best characters for someone knew to the game to play and still be very successful.

Viper's first ability is his attack modifier. It provides damage over time and run speed slow on the enemy hero or creep he shoots. It really is the finishing touch on the viper symphony of death.

Viper's next ability is his attack passive. It allows him to do more damage based on the amount of hit points the enemy hero is missing. This makes it to where their is no difference if viper is shooting a tanky hero or a squishy hero. All die very rapidly.

Vipers third ability is an armor passive. It allows him to get magic resistance which helps against enemy nukes. It also applies a poison to whoever shoots him. This allows for a great deal of harass and creep wave killing by letting them hit you from time to time. I recommend leveling this up as soon as possible because you can't always land a shot but whenever they shoot you it makes sure you get some damage in.

Viper's ultimate is a very high damage poison that slows the enemy to an inescapable crawl. Enemy heros generally do not get away one on one if stacked with your auto attack passive. And have almost zero chance of escaping if you are attacking with another friendly hero. Viper is one of the best gankers so getting shadow blade and landing this ability is probably his most powerful combination.

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