Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dota2: How to Axe


Axe is the most powerful early game character and late game initiator in the game. The use of helix on the right characters allows Axe to quickly lower the life of enemy heros so that he can use culling blade to finish the fight off. I can say that Axe is the only character I have ever been able to get a rampage on within the first ten minutes of a match.


Berserker's Call is Axe's first ability. It allows him to force enemy heros and units to attack him. The more units that are attacking him at once the more Counter Helix strikes he will land. This combo with a blink allows him to initiate the fight very successfully and allow other heros to join in with limited danger of death. Even when Axe dies the next move of the enemy team is usually to run away after a successful use of the ability. When you also activate Blade Mail at the same time this allows you to use the damage they do to you against them. Considering Axe is an STR base character he generally has a great deal of life in comparison to the other characters. This ability also adds temporary Armor bonus while in effect. This increases Axe's survival.

Battle Hunger is Axe's second ability. It is always good to have this on as many enemy hero's or even just units as possible on the area you are fighting. This ability increases Axe's run speed per charge of battle hunger. It is also a damage over time ability that has a good range. When an enemy character is low on life cast it on them and they will likely die if they do not have any healing items. The spell is canceled out if the enemy kills something. Most commonly someone will attack a creep to turn it off.

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