Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dota2: How to visage


Visage is a very interesting character. He is a very good mix between a semi carry and a full on support. It makes sense to grab support items with this character because they only allow him to do more damage and stay in the fight longer. However having hp's on this character can really add to his ability to gain souls and produce more damage output.

His first ability allows him to steal movement speed and attack speed from enemies. This can be devastating to an enemy carry like Antimage, or Phantom Assassin because their quick hitting ability is what makes them so dangerous to begin with. It is also great for lowering spirit breaker's damage because his damage increases based on his movement speed. This is also a great combo ability with a phoenix support. By using good communication you can land slows that make sure that phoenix's ultimate does not get demolished.

His second ability is his main attack. It gain's soul charges that increase based on the damage done to hero's in a certain radius to Visage. This simply put means the more team fights the more damage you have to add. It has a low refresh time and hits for a great deal. When fighting try and spam this ability as much as possible while staying on the outskirts of the battle. It is always best to position yourself in the direction you think your enemy is likely to run to. This in most cases is going to be the direction of their base.

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