Sunday, December 7, 2014

Ghost Town

So on today's journey I didn't see anyone that I knew playing. This is probably the biggest buzz kill in MMORPGs. They mostly require help from friends to progress. Sure you can go out and make more friends however you end up missing the old ones. The main reason I stay bound in Everfrost for example is because it was my newbie zone on my first everquest character. A barbarian warrior by the name of Loril.
 The mammoth's were always a dangerous battle for a level 10 warrior in banded armor. I remember having the steady hand of a real life friend Novawop playing his druid and giving me and a newbie group damage shields to help us get through the fights faster. Same goes for darkmana or kilan. These are the names sitting in the very bottom of the friend's list. The names you stopped wondering if you will see.
 After running around in everfrost for a few minutes I decided that today wasn't the day for everquest. It is always fun to go out their and do something solo while your chat bar is filled with guild members. Yet today I just wasn't feeling it.


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