Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gaming Unrelated: Recognizing Multilevel marketing interviews and avoiding the job offer you don't want.

So today I went out to a job interview. Now anyone that has been on an interview knows that the only thing that makes one of these fun is if you get the job. So in truth interviews are a nerve racking experience that can completely destroy any sense of self worth you have left from loosing your last job. However there is something that is even more damaging to self worth. Being offered a job you don't want. I will now talk about the warning signs that this is about to happen to you.

The first red flag is a lack of information about the company. This usually leads to pyramid schemes, life insurance sales, and my least favorite magazine selling cults.I realize that some people actually do well with their magazine selling cults so I can't judge completely. However when you get a call from a company stating they found your resume on monster you generally think that the person writing the friendly email is looking for someone that wants your specific expertise. However then reality intervenes.

The second red flag is when you get to the office and realize that the waiting room seats about eight people and every chair is filled by a desperate occupant. Some are even standing up. You see a large range of humanity here. From the hommie G you would expect hanging out in front of the local convenient store bugging people for smokes, to the obvious single mother, to the self important but recently laid off professional that keeps looking at his watch wondering why he hasn't been called up for his 10:30am interview at 10:40am.

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