Friday, December 26, 2014

Kijutii of the Whuzza

So after a long hunt I was finally able to get in contact with the best lead I had on all of the members of the whuzza crew. Kijutii was always the most hardcore of the group. He played more regularly and with more focus. He geared up and joined the top guild of our time on everquest and can still be found at the high end of the damage in wow. Having Kijutii with you was always a strong indication that you were going to win. Something that often got us into more trouble because it meant biting off more then we could chew at times.
Kijutii AKA Broly
Kijutii AKA Broly
When I got a hold of him finally it was through facebook. Kijutii had also kept in contact with another old friend Kimarie. It was good to chat with her as well. Our plans to set up a small leveling party in world of warcraft are starting to be realized which is going to be fun. Kijutii and I after only a few moments of nostalgic chatting about the good old days ended up logging in to everquest just to see what was going on. This led to chatting with Spinesnap an old rogue guildy from the past. Not alot to tell as we just sat in the guild hall watching familiar faces running by. It has always been interesting to be because after playing the game for so long there are a great deal of characters that still exist in the game that you never really knew that well. People that you haggled with to get items you needed to proceed. People that trained you while you were soloing in a newbie zone when you were first getting started. People that healed you suddenly when you were about to die fighting solo. Regardless of circumstance these people will always be brothers and sisters in arms.

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