Friday, December 26, 2014

Well I am currently working on getting down my wordpress powered functions so I first would like to apologize to my audience about the lack of current posts. There are a great deal of functions and learning how to use them all is a challenge I am thoroughly enjoying. I have a great deal of ideas for whoallfriends. I am aiming at setting up a social media status for helping gamer comrades find each other. My first goal when starting the blog was to find my old friends from everquest. The reason I decided to go ahead with this goal for whoallfriends is I feel I am sure I am not the only one. So many people I have chatted with over the years talk about events in games with the same enthusiasm as their favorite vacation with their family growing up. While this is my goal for the future of whoallfriends for now I will be focusing on the blog and adding more content. As of now this will be in the form of dota 2 how to posts, world of warcraft exploits and reviews of the the new mechanics in the latest expansion, everquest nostalgia, path of exile hardcore builds, local concerts I attend, and game reviews. I thank everyone for their interest in whoallfriends and will do my best to make the site a worthwhile experience for all of my viewers.

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