Monday, December 29, 2014

Zoo in Phoenix AZ

Well for this x-mas. I took a trip down to Arizona to see my son. He lives with his mother near phoenix so we decided to take him to the zoo.
 This was at the entrance. I had a bag packed with lunch. This is something that is generally against the rules. However I don't tend to pay much attention to signs. I just know better then to feed the bears.

Not far into the zoo we saw that they had an exhibit set up for petting the sting rays. They were swimming around and around in circles. I did not touch them myself but the sensation was described as velvet.
The giraffe although he was younger was still very impressive to stand near. He stood somewhere around 19 feet tall. We then went and saw a great deal of animals from rhino's to mountain lions. However the lions of Africa stole the show with a small domestic dispute over shade.

I had never seen anything like this. The video does not do the male lion any justice though. How loud the animal was was quite amazing. It could have easily been heard everywhere in the entire zoo.

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