Monday, December 29, 2014

Zoo in Phoenix AZ

Well for this x-mas. I took a trip down to Arizona to see my son. He lives with his mother near phoenix so we decided to take him to the zoo.
 This was at the entrance. I had a bag packed with lunch. This is something that is generally against the rules. However I don't tend to pay much attention to signs. I just know better then to feed the bears.

Not far into the zoo we saw that they had an exhibit set up for petting the sting rays. They were swimming around and around in circles. I did not touch them myself but the sensation was described as velvet.
The giraffe although he was younger was still very impressive to stand near. He stood somewhere around 19 feet tall. We then went and saw a great deal of animals from rhino's to mountain lions. However the lions of Africa stole the show with a small domestic dispute over shade.

I had never seen anything like this. The video does not do the male lion any justice though. How loud the animal was was quite amazing. It could have easily been heard everywhere in the entire zoo.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Well I am currently working on getting down my wordpress powered functions so I first would like to apologize to my audience about the lack of current posts. There are a great deal of functions and learning how to use them all is a challenge I am thoroughly enjoying. I have a great deal of ideas for whoallfriends. I am aiming at setting up a social media status for helping gamer comrades find each other. My first goal when starting the blog was to find my old friends from everquest. The reason I decided to go ahead with this goal for whoallfriends is I feel I am sure I am not the only one. So many people I have chatted with over the years talk about events in games with the same enthusiasm as their favorite vacation with their family growing up. While this is my goal for the future of whoallfriends for now I will be focusing on the blog and adding more content. As of now this will be in the form of dota 2 how to posts, world of warcraft exploits and reviews of the the new mechanics in the latest expansion, everquest nostalgia, path of exile hardcore builds, local concerts I attend, and game reviews. I thank everyone for their interest in whoallfriends and will do my best to make the site a worthwhile experience for all of my viewers.

Kijutii of the Whuzza

So after a long hunt I was finally able to get in contact with the best lead I had on all of the members of the whuzza crew. Kijutii was always the most hardcore of the group. He played more regularly and with more focus. He geared up and joined the top guild of our time on everquest and can still be found at the high end of the damage in wow. Having Kijutii with you was always a strong indication that you were going to win. Something that often got us into more trouble because it meant biting off more then we could chew at times.
Kijutii AKA Broly
Kijutii AKA Broly
When I got a hold of him finally it was through facebook. Kijutii had also kept in contact with another old friend Kimarie. It was good to chat with her as well. Our plans to set up a small leveling party in world of warcraft are starting to be realized which is going to be fun. Kijutii and I after only a few moments of nostalgic chatting about the good old days ended up logging in to everquest just to see what was going on. This led to chatting with Spinesnap an old rogue guildy from the past. Not alot to tell as we just sat in the guild hall watching familiar faces running by. It has always been interesting to be because after playing the game for so long there are a great deal of characters that still exist in the game that you never really knew that well. People that you haggled with to get items you needed to proceed. People that trained you while you were soloing in a newbie zone when you were first getting started. People that healed you suddenly when you were about to die fighting solo. Regardless of circumstance these people will always be brothers and sisters in arms.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Moving to my own domain

Hello everyone, I have decided to move to my own domain @

I am hoping to keep everything going from there and thank you all for the support I have gotten here.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Portland Weezer show

Well I walked in through the back. A family member of mine was able to get me into the show for free which to begin with is an amazing bonus. I was sitting and home thinking man I am bored. Then I get a call with someone saying wanna go to Weezer? I go sure! When is the concert? Right now! I go Oh....

Walking through the back I am using a worker's pass because the show is sold out. Its a medium sized venue and it is packed. I was there a good hour before the band started the show.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Luck of the draw

Well I have never been the best at anything. Never the top of the class because I'm lazy in my studies. Never the best at sports because that is just to much effort. I could always dabble in just about anything. I liked drawing as a kid. I play guitar and love to sing for family and friends. However once again there are people that are better because to me I could never find that dedication. However unlike a great deal of people there is one thing I have going for me that most do not. I might be one of the most lucky people alive. I say that because unlike the common known aspects of like for example "murphy's law" I am an exempt party. Not only will anything left to go wrong not happen, but in fact I will be left with positive gain.

One example of this was when I was seventeen years old. Me and some friends were out drinking in the park. Nothing really to bad just for the most part being teenagers and having fun. A cop pulls up and I think yup I'm totally fucked.

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Dota2: How to Luna


Luna is an amazing carry. You often die to her just being near the creeps she is trying to kill. Something that is amazing considering she is one of the more squishy heros. She is also a great ganker that you can rely on to shut down enemy hero farm. Yet known of this compares to her ability to push through enemy defenses


Her first ability lucent beam stuns the enemy target briefly and allows you to close the gap for more regular attacks. It has a great range on it and can be used as an early game initiator to help get those early kills.

Her second ability moon glaive is essentially a ranged cleave. Her normal attacks bounce randomly between whatever enemy units are in range. This really shreds defensive strategies and is great for bringing down enemy raks.

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Dota2: How to Razor


Razor is an agility hero and a great anti carry and probably the best carry for an AOE/ Teamfight style strategy. He can be powerful with limited items and isn't a bad character to play as a beginner. His ability to steal attack power mixed with his run speed passive makes him a force their is no escaping.


Razor's first ability Plasma field is a great area effect team fight ability. A ring pumps out with Razor in the center. It damages the enemies when it opens and when it comes back. The most damage is done to characters that are the farthest  from Razor. This ability is great for getting early kills and for catching characters just outside of your attack range.

Razor's second ability static link is probably his strongest ability. It allows him to steal attack power from the enemy hero he is linked with. The longer he is linked the more attack power that is taken. This allows him to be ideal for taking out high damage carries like drow, faceless void, or phantom assassin.

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Dota2: How to Viper


Viper is an all purpose killing machine. There really isn't a good counter for viper other then stun locks which can pretty much kill any hero in the game. You are poisoned when you hit him. You are poisoned when he shoots you. You are poisoned poisoned poisoned. His attack modifier and ult both slow the enemy to a slow crawl so survival is generally not possible. With his high damage and limited action abilities. Viper is probably one of the best characters for someone knew to the game to play and still be very successful.

Viper's first ability is his attack modifier. It provides damage over time and run speed slow on the enemy hero or creep he shoots. It really is the finishing touch on the viper symphony of death.

Viper's next ability is his attack passive. It allows him to do more damage based on the amount of hit points the enemy hero is missing. This makes it to where their is no difference if viper is shooting a tanky hero or a squishy hero. All die very rapidly.

Vipers third ability is an armor passive. It allows him to get magic resistance which helps against enemy nukes. It also applies a poison to whoever shoots him. This allows for a great deal of harass and creep wave killing by letting them hit you from time to time. I recommend leveling this up as soon as possible because you can't always land a shot but whenever they shoot you it makes sure you get some damage in.

Viper's ultimate is a very high damage poison that slows the enemy to an inescapable crawl. Enemy heros generally do not get away one on one if stacked with your auto attack passive. And have almost zero chance of escaping if you are attacking with another friendly hero. Viper is one of the best gankers so getting shadow blade and landing this ability is probably his most powerful combination.

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Dota2: How to Axe


Axe is the most powerful early game character and late game initiator in the game. The use of helix on the right characters allows Axe to quickly lower the life of enemy heros so that he can use culling blade to finish the fight off. I can say that Axe is the only character I have ever been able to get a rampage on within the first ten minutes of a match.


Berserker's Call is Axe's first ability. It allows him to force enemy heros and units to attack him. The more units that are attacking him at once the more Counter Helix strikes he will land. This combo with a blink allows him to initiate the fight very successfully and allow other heros to join in with limited danger of death. Even when Axe dies the next move of the enemy team is usually to run away after a successful use of the ability. When you also activate Blade Mail at the same time this allows you to use the damage they do to you against them. Considering Axe is an STR base character he generally has a great deal of life in comparison to the other characters. This ability also adds temporary Armor bonus while in effect. This increases Axe's survival.

Battle Hunger is Axe's second ability. It is always good to have this on as many enemy hero's or even just units as possible on the area you are fighting. This ability increases Axe's run speed per charge of battle hunger. It is also a damage over time ability that has a good range. When an enemy character is low on life cast it on them and they will likely die if they do not have any healing items. The spell is canceled out if the enemy kills something. Most commonly someone will attack a creep to turn it off.

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Dota2: How to visage


Visage is a very interesting character. He is a very good mix between a semi carry and a full on support. It makes sense to grab support items with this character because they only allow him to do more damage and stay in the fight longer. However having hp's on this character can really add to his ability to gain souls and produce more damage output.

His first ability allows him to steal movement speed and attack speed from enemies. This can be devastating to an enemy carry like Antimage, or Phantom Assassin because their quick hitting ability is what makes them so dangerous to begin with. It is also great for lowering spirit breaker's damage because his damage increases based on his movement speed. This is also a great combo ability with a phoenix support. By using good communication you can land slows that make sure that phoenix's ultimate does not get demolished.

His second ability is his main attack. It gain's soul charges that increase based on the damage done to hero's in a certain radius to Visage. This simply put means the more team fights the more damage you have to add. It has a low refresh time and hits for a great deal. When fighting try and spam this ability as much as possible while staying on the outskirts of the battle. It is always best to position yourself in the direction you think your enemy is likely to run to. This in most cases is going to be the direction of their base.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dota2: Lone Druid Double Midas build

Recently I have been playing Dota2 or Defense of the Ancients 2 lately. I am not going to go into the description of what Dota 2 is. If you would like to know just search them on google.

This post is about a specific character and strategy I have been trying to get down. It is lone druid double midas build. This means I am getting the hand of midas for lone druid and his bear as well. Its a fun consept and leads to a really powerful end game. The catch is that you have to keep the game going longer then you normally would. So I wouldn't recommend it against pusher's. It is best against a team that is aiming for area effect damage or plainly put team fight battles.

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Gaming Unrelated: Recognizing Multilevel marketing interviews and avoiding the job offer you don't want.

So today I went out to a job interview. Now anyone that has been on an interview knows that the only thing that makes one of these fun is if you get the job. So in truth interviews are a nerve racking experience that can completely destroy any sense of self worth you have left from loosing your last job. However there is something that is even more damaging to self worth. Being offered a job you don't want. I will now talk about the warning signs that this is about to happen to you.

The first red flag is a lack of information about the company. This usually leads to pyramid schemes, life insurance sales, and my least favorite magazine selling cults.I realize that some people actually do well with their magazine selling cults so I can't judge completely. However when you get a call from a company stating they found your resume on monster you generally think that the person writing the friendly email is looking for someone that wants your specific expertise. However then reality intervenes.

The second red flag is when you get to the office and realize that the waiting room seats about eight people and every chair is filled by a desperate occupant. Some are even standing up. You see a large range of humanity here. From the hommie G you would expect hanging out in front of the local convenient store bugging people for smokes, to the obvious single mother, to the self important but recently laid off professional that keeps looking at his watch wondering why he hasn't been called up for his 10:30am interview at 10:40am.

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Ghost Town

So on today's journey I didn't see anyone that I knew playing. This is probably the biggest buzz kill in MMORPGs. They mostly require help from friends to progress. Sure you can go out and make more friends however you end up missing the old ones. The main reason I stay bound in Everfrost for example is because it was my newbie zone on my first everquest character. A barbarian warrior by the name of Loril.
 The mammoth's were always a dangerous battle for a level 10 warrior in banded armor. I remember having the steady hand of a real life friend Novawop playing his druid and giving me and a newbie group damage shields to help us get through the fights faster. Same goes for darkmana or kilan. These are the names sitting in the very bottom of the friend's list. The names you stopped wondering if you will see.
 After running around in everfrost for a few minutes I decided that today wasn't the day for everquest. It is always fun to go out their and do something solo while your chat bar is filled with guild members. Yet today I just wasn't feeling it.